Snorkeling Safari

Enjoy the beauty of Moorea’s coastal views

Snorkeling Half Day Safari

  • Free hotel pick up and drop off
  • Dolphin watching
  • Visit of Opunohu Bay
  • Snorkeling with underwater tikis
  • Coral garden discovery
  • Sea turtle snorkeling
  • Swimming with sharks and stingrays
  • Drinks and local fresh fruits included


10 000 XPF
$ 100.00
85.00 €
Child (2-12)
5 000 XPF
$ 50.00
42.50 €

Daily Tour Schedule

  • 8am to 12pm
  • Free Pick ups and drop offs available from your place of stay
As an option, we offer photo and video services.  See our prices ...
All prices in US dollars and Euros are for information only and are subject to change without notice according to the current exchange rates. Prices in XPF are accurate.

Moorea Whale Swimming
Enjoy the beauty of Moorea’s coastal views,learn about some legends and cultural facts of the island, swim in crystal clear water, snorkel in a coral garden, relax on a beach and shallow sandbar, observe dolphins, sea turtles and share a moment with stingrays and blacktip reef sharks.

We want to make sure our guests have the best experience and in-water encounters possible but everyone’s safety, respect of the animals and our environment are always a priority.
There are specific government regulations and guidelines we need to follow when swimming with any wild animal. Our experienced guides will brief our guests prior to entering the water for everyone’s safety and respect of the animals.
Moorea Whale Swimming